Personal Training

We offer tailored programs in our private studios, ensuring you achieve your strength, mobility, and fitness goals without the distractions of a busy gym.

Tailored Personal Training for All Fitness Levels

We Conduct It, You Build It and It Grows.

When you choose personal training with MacFit, you receive a dedicated coach who is committed to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals. We provide a tailored program designed to meet your individual strength, mobility, and fitness goals. Our personal training sessions take place in our private studios, allowing you to avoid the crowds and distractions of a busy gym.

This setting is perfect for those who may feel anxious about joining group classes or navigating a crowded gym on their own. We understand that injuries can be part of your fitness journey, and our expert trainers are skilled in providing support and modifications to help you work with and around any physical limitations. We offer a safe environment, with a dedicated coach who programs and facilitates your sessions, building towards your long-term strength, mobility, and fitness goals.

You can have a dedicated coach in a one-on-one setting or share the experience and cost with up to three other people. Embark on your fitness journey with confidence, knowing that you have a dedicated coach and a supportive environment designed to help you succeed.

We will help you get there, you just need to show up.

Personalised Coaching

We meet you where you’re at but give you more than you can get, by yourself. Experience the benefits of one-on-one coaching tailored specifically to your fitness goals.

Small Groups (1-4)

Enjoy the dynamic energy of small group sessions with 1-4 participants. Benefit from personalized attention while experiencing the motivation and camaraderie of training alongside others with similar goals.

Private Studio Environment

Train in the comfort and privacy of our exclusive studios. Avoid the distractions and crowds of a busy gym, allowing you to focus entirely on your fitness journey in a supportive and private setting.

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