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Since 2019, MacFit has coached over a thousand people and maintained over a hundred 5-star Google Reviews.

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All of our trainers are certified to the standard of the Australian Fitness Industry, Senior First Aid and hold current Working With Children Check.

James Mac, Owner and Head Coach of MacFit Perth, Personal Training and Group Training in Mullaloo and Duncraig

James Mac

Leader and Head Coach

Hi, I’m James Mac. My journey to MacFit began a long way back. As an adolescent I struggled to sit still and learn at school. I felt there were barriers in my way, that I couldn’t break through, I knew I had more to give but I was unable to for a long time. I carried this feeling into my work life, finding ways to avoid doing things I didn’t like.

My early twenties were my dark years, I felt alone, abandoned and defensive. I realised I was sabotaging myself and put my faith into the hands of a therapist. Together we worked through my patterns of behaviour and the emotions that were underlying them. At the time exercise was the only thing that made me feel good. I could see the connection between my mental health and my physical body.

I completed my Certificate 3 & 4 at the Australian Institute of Fitness and realised I had many unique strengths that set me apart from other coaches. With this perspective I knew that I wanted to help other people navigate learning and working with their own turbulence. From this realisation MacFit was born, it was more than just a gym, it was a place to build belief in yourself.

Lucas Durkovic, Semi-Private Facilitator & Personal Trainer at MacFit Perth in Mullaloo and Duncraig


Semi-Private Facilitator & Personal Trainer

My name is Lucas, I grew up playing a range of different sports, and I started studying Exercise Physiology at ECU in 2021. I am fascinated by the human body’s movement, growth, developments, adaptations, and resilience. Over the last 10+ years, I have focused on improving my physical and mental health, through effective and well-rounded fitness regimes, from pure cardio and lifting weights to mobility, flexibility and mindfulness. Since joining MacFit the benefits of my own physical transformation have allowed me to greatly impact the members of our community by leading by example. My speciality is helping people work with their injuries.

  • Group class coach and personal trainer
  • Coach for two soccer teams, Subiaco U14s & U15s
  • Sports Trainer for an AFL team, Cottesloe Roosters Women A Grade
  • Tutor and mentor for Indigenous high school students, Warwick Senior High School
Jaxon Ferris, Semi-Private Facilitator & Personal Trainer at MacFit Perth in Mullaloo and Duncraig


Semi-Private Facilitator & Personal Trainer

Hello everybody, my name is Jaxon. From a very young age I grew up playing a variety of different sports. Cricket, soccer, football and fitness have been a part of my life from day one. My love for strength and conditioning, hypertrophy and teaching complete novice gym-goers about the learnings of safe and effective exercise is something I have been mastering since joining MacFit. My passion is for developing new and inexperienced members into capable and confident gym-goers. Watching people kick goals on a day-to-day basis is the reason I love coming to work everyday!

  • Mentored Outdoor Cricket Coaching
  • AFL Coaching and Ball skills Training
  • Group Class Coach and Personal Trainer
  • A grade indoor cricket player
  • 2x Premiership player Whitfords Football Club
  • 150+ Games Sorrento/Whitfords Cricket Club
Isabella Ward, Semi-Private Facilitator & Personal Trainer at MacFit Perth in Mullaloo and Duncraig


Semi-Private Facilitator & Personal Trainer

Hey, hey, I’m Bella. I’ve been part of the fitness industry for over 7 years. My introduction to training was one built around under-eating and over-training. This left me developing an unhealthy relationship between food and exercise which impacted my physical body. I have since spent years reversing my old school beliefs that skinny is healthy and cardio training is the only solution.

As a mother of a small boy I know the reality of juggling everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own. However, the importance of spending time on yourself to create strength, fitness and mobility benefits all aspects of your life. I hope to see you in the studio soon!

MacFit Personal Training and Semi Private Training in Mullaloo and Duncraig, Perth, Western Australia

What’s With The 3-Eyed Wolf?

When I was sitting in my uncomfortable turbulence, not knowing how to navigate my life, my therapist asked me to visualise my spirit animal – the animal whose characteristics I share. With my eyes shut this rugged, older wolf emerged from the pack, he slunk around me, he was wise but also ready to brawl if needed. He protected me. When I felt vulnerable, wolf was with me. He made me sociable and allowed me to connect with the parts of myself I hadn’t been able to. In turn, this allowed me to connect with others. The first two eyes are the connection of mind and body, the third eye is the wisdom of being able to see inside of self.



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