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A virtual personal trainer in your pocket.
MacFit Online Coaching Perth

Personalised Online Training for All Fitness Levels

A solution for members who can’t make the semi-private group training sessions.

We have two versions of our online training program. The most affordable option gives you access to the same 5-weekly program that the studios are following. Allowing the flexibility to train with MacFit anywhere, anytime.

Alternatively, we can customise a program to suit your specific needs and suit the gym equipment you have access to.

The flexibility of our online training program allows you to combine elements from all our training offers that suit your individual lifestyle and budget.

Online Coach, Train Online with MacFit in Perth, Western Australia

Convenient and Accessible

Our online training programs are perfect for clients who are not local to our facilities but still want to benefit from our proven methods. Train from anywhere with the same dedication and support.

Customised Programming

We offer tailored programming via our hosting app, TrainHeroic. After a consult to understand your wants and needs, we create a personalised program designed to deliver the results you are after.

Comprehensive Support

Enjoy the same level of expert guidance and support as our in-person clients. Our online training ensures you have the tools and coaching needed to build strength, fitness, and overall health, no matter where you are.

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Ready to achieve your fitness goals from anywhere? Submit your information to get started with our personalized online training program and receive expert guidance and support tailored to your needs.

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